The Soul Within by Nancy Adams Released Today

Alex’s body is in a coma. His soul, however, is not. Desperate to become whole, he must first convince stubborn beauty Evening Sinclair that he is not dead.

For generations, the Sinclairs have been healers. Using a gentle touch to heal the body and a soothing word to heal the soul, Evening Sinclair is no different. Yet despite her secret abilities, Eve has a somewhat normal existence. She enjoys her small physiotherapy practice, dotes on her eight-year-old daughter and occasionally helps souls get back into their bodies-that is until Alex, with his brooding good looks and glowing eyes, appears in her kitchen.

 Alex is desperate to get back into his body-two innocent lives depend on it. His only obstacle is Eve and her stubborn fear. Unfortunately for Eve, Alex is ruthless and just as stubborn. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He will not ‘go away’ and no matter how much Eve tortures him with her lush body and perfect mouth, he will not change his mind. Eve will merge him, and if it takes him haunting her day and night, she will merge him back with a body-any body.


“I can feel you touch me.” Alex raised his head, a half smile on his face.

Her eyes met his. “You do?”

He nodded. “Again.”

This time, she started at his shoulders and ran her hands down the entire length of his arms to his hands, where she made an attempt to clasp them in her own.

“How are you doing this?”

“I don’t know? How can you feel me?”

He chuckled. “I don’t know?”

Staring down at their hands she asked. “What do you feel?”

“It’s like when your foot falls asleep and you get that ‘pins and needles’ sensation, mixed with a warm tingling.”

Eve met Alex’s stare. “You’re really not dead.”

He studied her intently. “Is that why you won’t help me, because you think I’m dead?”

Embarrassed, she turned away. “I thought you might be and that you were having trouble…moving on.”

“Moving on?” he repeated. She heard him exhale in a huff but didn’t want to face him yet. “Eve?” He used her name to get her attention but she didn’t budge. “Evening.” This time her name was said with more force.

Her cheeks were warm when she faced him. She expected him to be annoyed but he only showed concern. “Do you see the dead too?”

“No. Never, just medians. My mother did, I thought maybe it had started for me too. It was the only explanation I could come up with as to why you were still hanging around me.” Her throat felt like it was beginning to close up with the thought of it, but she asked him anyway. “Have you seen…them…out there?”

Nancy will be giving away a $20 Total-e-Bound or Amazon gift card to one random commenter during the tour so make sure you follow the journey!


 Nancy’s addiction for a good trash novel began in her late-teens when her grandmother gave her a bag of Harlequin Romance books. She was hooked and spent the next few years lurking in the dark corners of used bookstores searching for her next fix. Until, one marriage and two kids later, her own ideas had her jumping up at 3 am (much to her husband’s annoyance) and typing them into her laptop. Beside her husband and children, Nancy has three passions, rearranging furniture, buying bed linens and, of course, writing. Nancy lives in Eastern Ontario with her family and two over sized lap dogs.

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Mysti Holiday’s Sugar Walls Released Today!

When Emilie is dumped by her boyfriend, best friend Jack Voss offers a shoulder and a place to live–the other side of his duplex. He’s always there, fixing her problems, her car, her sink. Emilie doesn’t know what she’d do without him, or with the feelings she’s having for him. His shoulder doesn’t just offer comfort anymore; his touch is a turn-on. Their shared wall is the only thing keeping them from sharing a bedroom—and fanning the flames might risk breaking something that Jack can’t fix.

Sugar Walls is released today so whet your appetite with the following excerpt…

A glance back down at the man who was driving her crazy nearly made her moan. He shifted, his ass moved and his thighs flexed as he crawled forward a few inches. The denim of his worn jeans hugged him as tightly as Em dreamed of doing and, before she had time to think about it, she took a step Forward, hands outstretched to snatch hold of the prize. She stopped herself just in time and tucked her hands behind her back to keep from doing something stupid.

“So, Jack?” Her voice was tight with desire and discomfort.

“Hmm?” He peeked at her over one shoulder, a smile in those midnight blue eyes, then quickly returned his attention to the pipe.

“Almost done?” She hoped so, because at this rate, she’d come just from thinking about him.

“Nearly there. Leak’s almost plugged.”

I’ve got a leak you can plug. Her panties soaked with more cream than any one woman should have when she envisioned him plunging into her, filling her pussy with his hard cock. Heat rushed up her neck, and her heart pounded so loudly, surely he could hear it. Dear God. She tried to picture herself in a cold shower to kill some of the heat but cursed again when he joined her there in her mind and slid soapy hands over her damp skin, across her breasts, and down her—

“There.” His voice jolted her out of the hot daydream, and she jumped an inch off the floor. He backed out from the cupboard and turned to smile at her. “All fixed.”

Mysti Holiday will be giving away a $10 Amazon gift card to one random commenter at the conclusion of the tour so be sure to follow it for your chance to win.

Mysti Holiday is the pseudonym of a very busy SAHM who dreams of warm climes and hot bodies.  Most people know she writes, but not what she writes about:  sexy men and the wanton women who love them.

She’s married to a wonderful man who happily sacrifices himself for research, and she spends most of her days dreaming of interesting and unusual situations in which to place her characters.  But most of all, she’s a sucker for a happy ending.




What’s Christmas Without a Bit of Menage? Win an ebook

I’m blogging over at Long and Short Reviews to celebrate the recent release of my latest offering, Future Present.  

Set over the Christmas period, Future Present is the story about Anna and her relationship with her boyfriend, Robert. However, the stress of Christmas and the arrival of Robert’s charming colleague threatens to derail them completely. 

Stop by LASR to read an excerpt and for your chance to win.

The Gift of Giving

With the approach of winter comes the inevitable joy/chore (delete as appropriate) of Christmas and all the steps that must be undertaken in preparation.

I’m sure that no small length of time is spent on choosing gifts, researching prices and making the purchases. The presents are all important, after all.

I have reached a stage where it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a decision about what to get for any of my family and friends. Whether it’s corny, something I previously bought or simply unsuitable, I find myself having to spend more time thinking and researching in order to get the ideal gift. I like to know that the recipient likes it and will enjoy it.

This desire raises the idea of the ultimate gift and what form this would take. Of course, it would vary according to who it was for, whether they were selfish or altruistic. Some people want to be able to give someone what they want, even if they don’t know they want it or would never admit to – what a boon to be able to give that gift. It takes some imagination and skill, as is possessed by the hero, Robert, in my Christmas tale, Future Present, which is published by Phaze.                                  

Robert is in love with Anna, even if he doesn’t always show it as she would like. What he does know is how to give great gifts and how to surprise her with them.                

     Waking to the faint shuffling of gentle movement, Anna turned to find Robert getting dressed. “Where are you going?”

     “Ah, you’re awake.” He smiled, too cheerful for the hour, pushing his arms though the sleeves of a jumper. “Good morning.”

     “Morning.” Eyeing him closely, she only returned the salutation to make him answer her question.

     “I’m just popping down the road to get some supplies.”

     “What supplies?” she almost wailed. “We have everything we need.”

     “No, we don’t,” Robert replied, his voice calm compared to hers. “The wine won’t last and we forgot cranberry sauce.”

     “Who cares about cranberry sauce?”

     Running his fingers into his hair, he rubbed vigorously and checked his reflection before turning back to her. “I care.”        

     Twisting beneath the sheets, Anna turned to study him curiously. 

     “I have to go now,” he insisted, responding to her expression after she turned to look at the clock. “Most places are only open half day on Christmas eve.”

     Scowling at him, Anna sought a position from which to argue that she had yet to offer.

     “I want to get everything to make this a perfect Christmas.”

     Looking into his expressive eyes, she could think of nothing to say, powerful guilt showing her an image of his eyes if he discovered she had already ruined his perfect Christmas. 

     “Hurry back—I’ll be waiting in bed for you.”

     Anna lifted her chin expectantly as he returned to her side. His kiss made her mouth tingle with a touch of mint, soapy clean scent complimenting the warmth from his lips. “Of course I will.”          

As part of the Blog Hop Spot, I offer my own gift to one lucky reader this Christmas in the form of a free ebook. All you have to do is leave a comment confirming what you would love to receive, or what you would like to happen, this Christmas.

It’s a Small World

‘It’s such a small world.’ Words that are usually uttered on seeing someone from the past, often originally known from a different location, but not usually thought about for a while. It’s a bit of a throwaway comment that we don’t consider that deeply.  

 However, when you really think about the phrase, it is easy to see the truth in it.

Recently, a woman I know met with someone she hadn’t seen in over 20 years and she used the phrase when relaying the story to me. She was quite right as in addition to there being the extended period of time, the was also a distance after they’d moved to different locations. Aw, doesn’t this small world help to create heart-warming stories?              

 However, the opposite can also be true, which can come about from the world appearing small through the flood of information we receive. I must confess that the television is one of my favourite inventions. I’m not quite at the stage of the Simpsons siblings who physically hug the set, but I’m a couple of paces away.   

We can watch the news and see things happening on the other side of the world, we can watch travel programmes and dream of all the places we want to visit. I like the programmes where westerners visit remote tribes and attempt to follow their ways. See? All that and you don’t even need to be au fait with the latest technological advances.   

 Technology has played a major part in making the world smaller, no matter what form is being used. It is easy to make written, spoken or visual contact with the far reaches of the world. Our ability to travel further has been improved and it makes a mockery of this strange postcode loyalty that has been the cause of ructions between young gang members.  

 In Art of the Written Word, the heroine, Yvonne, discovers that she has a link with the quietly enigmatic hero, Garvey. His lilting Caribbean accent reminds her of her childhood in the west Indies. Though they didn’t know each other when she was a child (in fact, he wasn’t yet born when she was a child!), they both still ended up in London and meet each other through happenstance.

It truly is a wonderfully small world.     

An excerpt of Art of the Written World follows – for your chance to win an ebook copy, check out the fun and games at the Year End Splash event at The Romance Review

“You don’t use your own experiences for book ideas?”

“Um, yes.” A vein in her neck began to throb uncontrollably, making her hand drift upwards as if to hide the sudden affliction. “Some experiences can inspire a good story.”

She mentally began to create the story he would inspire, the opening of an erotic tale forming in her mind, with the hero closely resembling Garvey. She had no doubt the book would take a significant amount of time to write—even if it was a short story, each chapter would certainly leave her spent. Rather than it simply being a story from which she was somewhat removed, she would experience every word.

Just by looking at him, she could tell he possessed a level of energy that would leave her exhausted and satisfied. She was sure that he knew more than she did, a few tricks to show off his prowess in commanding a woman’s climax. 

“What are you thinking about?” he asked after a pause. “You look deep in thought.” 

Jolted from her daydream, the realisation that he might have been watching her for an extended period mortified Yvonne.

“Er, nothing.” The ridiculousness of the reply made her shake her head. “I mean, I was considering the similarities in our jobs. Both very creative.”  

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Over at The Romance Review, there is a fun event taking place where readers will get a chance to win lots of great prizes – and who doesn’t like winning prizes?!

I will be taking part and my blog will host a clue for the answer to the question that will be on TRR, all for a chance to win an ebook copy of Art of the Written Word.

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To Watch or Be Watched? Comment and Win

If you could choose between being able to watch or to be watched yourself, which would you pick? Doing what? I hear you ask because, of course, it depends on the activity being watched.

Many of us undertake secret actions that others might consider weird so we prefer to keep it hidden, but no need to worry as I’m not talking about bizarre behaviours. I’m actually talking about sex—well, I’m an erotica writer, after all.

Despite the media constantly bombarding us with sexual images, and people apparently suffering addictions to sex and porn, I’m sure there are still many reserved people out there. How would you feel about being observed in the most intimate of acts? I’m sure many would baulk at the idea.

I got thinking about the subject after writing Two With A View, which is out with Total-E-Bound today. It’s a short story about a couple who are only too happy to be a spectator when the other makes the beast with two backs…

A further fifteen minutes passed before Natalie counted out the rest of the guests—leaving only one.

Knowing Cyrus wouldn’t let her down, she directed the telescope to the soft light of his bedroom and waited. Within minutes of the other guests’ departure, the door was flung open before the couple stumbled into the room, entwined in each other’s arms, in the midst of a passionate kiss. Natalie watched Cyrus guide her to the window, their lips remaining locked.

His deliberate placement didn’t go unnoticed. Natalie smiled as she watched him commence undressing his conquest. Natalie’s inability to lip-read put her at a disadvantage as the kiss ended to allow them to eagerly undress each other.

The purple dress gave way to black lace underwear, too decorative to be appropriate for wearing beneath clothing and designed entirely for sex appeal. The allure of the plunge bra seemed to go unnoticed by Cyrus, who unfastened it and let it drop.

Happy for him to admire her breasts, the woman took her time in taking off his shirt, smiling seductively as she flung it aside. 

Turning her to face the window, Cyrus moved behind her to kiss her neck as he caressed her naked breasts, his hands barely able to manage them. The sight of her bulbous flesh, nipples red and ripe, made Natalie’s body react as if his hands touched her own body.

I suspect that even some writers who pen sex scenes on a regular basis would be rendered speechless at the thought of being watched having sex. Others would probably relish the opportunity. Like sexuality, I think a person’s level of exhibitionism falls on a sliding scale and would mean some people taking a little convincing.

I’m sure it would be infinitely easier to get people to watch a live sex show as even those turned on by the written or spoken word can also find pleasure in erotic images. I bet even those that are so bombarded with sexual images that they should be bored by it would still want a look—natural human curiosity.   

For your chance to win a copy of Two With A View, leave a comment with your opinion on whether you’d prefer to watch or be watched—or maybe both! One comment from all those left before 27 July will win an ebook copy of my latest release.

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