Not Just For Christmas…

Now that everything has returned to normal, with drudgery – I mean work – becoming the norm again and spring on its way (hurry, please!), Christmas has become a distant memory. Not that I’m bothered by that as I am not in the least bit religious or materialistic, but it was a special one for me as it was the first one in which I wrote a story with the season as the theme.

 I have always tended to avoid seasonal themes, as the limited shelf life is unappealing. However, I decided to take the plunge during Christmas of last year and had Future Present published by Phaze. I was, and am, proud of the story and was pleased to get a good review for it in March by Fallen Angel Reviews. Quite appropriate for the female lead character of the story, I might add!

“This story was interesting to read because it was the boyfriend who initiated the encounter. Anna’s boyfriend must really have loved her to give her another man as a gift, not many men would do that. One thing I did like about the story is that Anna’s love for her boyfriend never faltered, even when the passion of another man consumed her.” The full 4 Angel review by Pam S can be found here.      

It is nice to know that great reviews are for life, not just for Christmas. Further, as a lovely little early spring gift, an excerpt from Future Present follows…

  Focused on a mature tree in the manageable distance, close to a fence of wooden horizontal slats, she was determined to make it there. An encounter with Harris would be delayed by reaching the tree before turning back. Raising her feet high made for an ungainly stride through the snow, but she felt increasingly relaxed as she got further from the house. 

The crunch of footsteps behind her stopped her heart for a moment. An ominous cold swept through her that had nothing to do with the weather. Stopping to look over her shoulder, she confirmed her fear before continuing to struggle along her chosen route. Harris continued to follow.

“No welcome party?” he asked after several silent paces.

Yards from the tree, Anna turned and held him with a stare laced with as much scorn as she could muster.

Harris responded with a malevolent grin, remaining as he shook his head gave an exaggerated tut. “I’m disappointed, darling.”

“Don’t call me darling,” she growled, through clenched teeth.

His expression darkened, his eyes narrowing slightly as the muscles in his jaw tightened. “No problem.” He smiled. “Good afternoon, Ms. Weston. How are you?”

His greeting sounded genuine and made her heart pound, pumping a rhythm to her nipples that stiffened beneath her layers despite her surprise that he knew her surname.

She looked past him to see only an expanse of white leading to the redbrick house. “Where’s Jodie?” she demanded, ignoring his question and the treachery of her body.

“We broke up,” he replied bluntly. 

Anna watched him closely, suspicion mingling with pity to prevent her offering comfort. She couldn’t shake the thought that it was a lie designed for manipulation. “Sorry to hear that,” she finally affirmed in a level voice.

He shook his head dismissively, a crooked smile curling his lips. “It means I’m free for you whenever you like.”



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