Bargain Books

I don’t know about anyone else, but even before the gamblers (i.e. politicians, bankers) began to run the world’s finances into the ground, I was always happy to discover a bargain and would even go out of my to seek them out. Why wouldn’t you want to get an item at the cheapest possible price? Not only does it just make good financial sense, it stops those big greedy companies from making more profit.  

Besides the pleasure of the bargain itself, those bargain buckets or cheaper shops that would cause many to turn up their noses can hold real treasures. Never knowing what you might find is half the fun.

The ultimate bargain is to get something gratis—also called finding the freeness. It just makes you feel good. This is especially relevant during the current period as a bargain is always welcome in a recession.        

Let me make your hunt easier with two free books – Third Times a Charm and By the Fireside.  

Third Time’s a Charm

All Lily wants is to spend a pleasurable anniversary with her husband, Geoff. While it doesn’t seem like much to ask, something always seems to get in the way with Geoff being firmly to blame.

Though Geoff organises a spa visit that goes a long way to make up for it, the gift inadvertently places her in the company of Karl, a dark-skinned vision in a white smock. Lily allows herself to be innocently attracted to him as he uses his skilled fingers to massage her body, but can she resist going further?

By The Fireside

Newly arrived in Hell after selling her soul, Andrea wants nothing more than to give herself completely to her new lord and master. However, nobody said it would be that easy.

Happy reading!


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