The Gift of Giving

With the approach of winter comes the inevitable joy/chore (delete as appropriate) of Christmas and all the steps that must be undertaken in preparation.

I’m sure that no small length of time is spent on choosing gifts, researching prices and making the purchases. The presents are all important, after all.

I have reached a stage where it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a decision about what to get for any of my family and friends. Whether it’s corny, something I previously bought or simply unsuitable, I find myself having to spend more time thinking and researching in order to get the ideal gift. I like to know that the recipient likes it and will enjoy it.

This desire raises the idea of the ultimate gift and what form this would take. Of course, it would vary according to who it was for, whether they were selfish or altruistic. Some people want to be able to give someone what they want, even if they don’t know they want it or would never admit to – what a boon to be able to give that gift. It takes some imagination and skill, as is possessed by the hero, Robert, in my Christmas tale, Future Present, which is published by Phaze.                                  

Robert is in love with Anna, even if he doesn’t always show it as she would like. What he does know is how to give great gifts and how to surprise her with them.                

     Waking to the faint shuffling of gentle movement, Anna turned to find Robert getting dressed. “Where are you going?”

     “Ah, you’re awake.” He smiled, too cheerful for the hour, pushing his arms though the sleeves of a jumper. “Good morning.”

     “Morning.” Eyeing him closely, she only returned the salutation to make him answer her question.

     “I’m just popping down the road to get some supplies.”

     “What supplies?” she almost wailed. “We have everything we need.”

     “No, we don’t,” Robert replied, his voice calm compared to hers. “The wine won’t last and we forgot cranberry sauce.”

     “Who cares about cranberry sauce?”

     Running his fingers into his hair, he rubbed vigorously and checked his reflection before turning back to her. “I care.”        

     Twisting beneath the sheets, Anna turned to study him curiously. 

     “I have to go now,” he insisted, responding to her expression after she turned to look at the clock. “Most places are only open half day on Christmas eve.”

     Scowling at him, Anna sought a position from which to argue that she had yet to offer.

     “I want to get everything to make this a perfect Christmas.”

     Looking into his expressive eyes, she could think of nothing to say, powerful guilt showing her an image of his eyes if he discovered she had already ruined his perfect Christmas. 

     “Hurry back—I’ll be waiting in bed for you.”

     Anna lifted her chin expectantly as he returned to her side. His kiss made her mouth tingle with a touch of mint, soapy clean scent complimenting the warmth from his lips. “Of course I will.”          

As part of the Blog Hop Spot, I offer my own gift to one lucky reader this Christmas in the form of a free ebook. All you have to do is leave a comment confirming what you would love to receive, or what you would like to happen, this Christmas.



  1. Hi Shermaine, your question as to what I would love to receive or to like happen – proved thought provoking for me. I have been so caught up in the shopping, decorating, etc., that I have not stopped to just sit and think. With my finances being challenged more than ever, I have to be more creative in order to pull off the holidays. What I would probably really like is my nephew not to be deployed, and just to be able to catch up on family and bills. I’m hoping that you have a great holiday season, and bring us some new and exciting stories in 2012!

    sweetpea122 at rocketmail dot com

  2. My wish would be more towards what I would not want to happen – that is my nephew not to be deployed. Happy Holidays!

    sweetpea122 at rocketmail dot com

  3. Thanks for participating in the hop! I’d love to get a Kindle of any kind.


  4. Hi Shermaine. I don’t wish for much anymore it seems. Too many kids and their wishes, ya know. But for me – just for me – I’d love to have a spa-day get away, or something similar. Oh, to be pampered, and I wouldn’t have to share with anyone. 🙂

    Thanks for the excerpt on the book – congrats – sounds really good.

    aylaruse at live dot com

  5. I’m hoping for a new Kindle Touch! Happy Holidays & thanks for the giveaway!

  6. My wishes is that my soon-to-be born niece is much healthier than anticipated. Thanks for the excerpt and Happy Holidays to you 🙂

  7. hm.. I guess I would just love for my family to all be together this Christmas. Otherwise I guess just to get some gift cards so I can buy some more books. 🙂

  8. I would love for my husband to get some time off work! Happy Holidays!

  9. I’m getting my wish…my husband won’t be on the road for Christmas this year ❤

    Merry Christmas ❤

  10. I would love to get a kindle fire this year. Happy holidays


  11. What a great giveaway and fun blog hop!
    I just wish for things to be a little easier this year
    for my mom we could use a break!
    Happy Holidays to you!

  12. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! I hope you have a great christmas! This year i just want my family to have a nice christmas. Family drama on my dads side always ruins the holiday. This year there not invited. I just hope everything goes good and we have fun! Thank you!
    Happy holidays!

  13. I’d like a job for Christmas. I’ve been out of work since the end of May. The other thing I’d like is a safe holiday for my family.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

    • Thank you to everyone who entered the contest with a comment about what they would, ideally, like for Christmas. I am pleased to announce that the random winner is….Eva P!
      Well done, I’ll email you shortly with your prize.
      I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas!

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