Taking the Lead

The blog title sounds like the positions that should be taken by those partaking in a spot of ballroom dancing, doesn’t it? In fact, there is even a movie of the same name with the delightful Antonio Banderas playing a dance teacher who uses his skills to turn around a group of urban youth (don’t the movies make it look so easy to improve the lives of those pesky kids).

Anyway, I know precisely nothing about ballroom dancing so I apologise if you were expecting a discussion about Strictly Come Dancing or some such programme. While it does lend itself to the discussion, it is not the main topic of conversation, which is domination. Much like in other walks of life, the man is the one to dominate when it comes to formal dances.

The discussion about why men always come out on top in the battle of the sexes is a pointless one as it has the potential to be endless, resulting in no good conclusion. A better discussion would be about what the world would be like if women were in charge—less war, reduced instances of traders taking banks down, less political scandal. Ah, what a dream!

In my experience, men who are powerful in their everyday life are happier to give up in ‘other’ areas, but that isn’t much use to the world. It seems that women will only ever get a chance to take the lead when they force the issue, which some do very well. It is the dominant women of the world that inspired my latest offering, Taming the Alter Ego, which has been released by Phaze.  

The heroine, Mariella, gives the mere appearance of subservience, she is actually very much in control. Not least when Lady Isis takes over. However, power is a fickle beast and it is all too easy to lose grip of it as Mariella discovers when she meets Tom.     

An excerpt follows.

Ask yourself, how much power do you hold and what would it take to make you let it go.


Tom silently passed me and I, in turn, offered no greeting. With hard fought restraint, I merely flick my gaze upward before looking back at my computer screen, seeing nothing as my fingers fly across the keyboard.

I savor his trailing scent before it dissipates, leaving me a teasing hint of him occupying the same space as me. Our connection was a strange one, possibly because in his two months at the company, we’d never been formally introduced. Neither of us took the initiative but regarded each other with civil silence. For a middle-class, white man in authority, he was unusually timid.     

I was free to admire the way his square shoulders tapered to a lean frame, wrapped in a well-fitting black suit. I yearned to mess up his dapper look. 

His dark hair perfectly suited his light tan, and I wanted to run my fingers through it. I wanted to grip the strands between my digits. To search his brown eyes, which I only ever got to see from afar.     

The mere sight of him could snatch away my self-control, leading me to absentmindedly tease my black curls as I speculated on how his passion manifested. I liked to think that he was submissive—at least he would be with me. With the strength of my will and the power of my figure, his body and mind would yield to my desire.   



  1. Very nice, steamy excerpt.

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