It’s a Small World

‘It’s such a small world.’ Words that are usually uttered on seeing someone from the past, often originally known from a different location, but not usually thought about for a while. It’s a bit of a throwaway comment that we don’t consider that deeply.  

 However, when you really think about the phrase, it is easy to see the truth in it.

Recently, a woman I know met with someone she hadn’t seen in over 20 years and she used the phrase when relaying the story to me. She was quite right as in addition to there being the extended period of time, the was also a distance after they’d moved to different locations. Aw, doesn’t this small world help to create heart-warming stories?              

 However, the opposite can also be true, which can come about from the world appearing small through the flood of information we receive. I must confess that the television is one of my favourite inventions. I’m not quite at the stage of the Simpsons siblings who physically hug the set, but I’m a couple of paces away.   

We can watch the news and see things happening on the other side of the world, we can watch travel programmes and dream of all the places we want to visit. I like the programmes where westerners visit remote tribes and attempt to follow their ways. See? All that and you don’t even need to be au fait with the latest technological advances.   

 Technology has played a major part in making the world smaller, no matter what form is being used. It is easy to make written, spoken or visual contact with the far reaches of the world. Our ability to travel further has been improved and it makes a mockery of this strange postcode loyalty that has been the cause of ructions between young gang members.  

 In Art of the Written Word, the heroine, Yvonne, discovers that she has a link with the quietly enigmatic hero, Garvey. His lilting Caribbean accent reminds her of her childhood in the west Indies. Though they didn’t know each other when she was a child (in fact, he wasn’t yet born when she was a child!), they both still ended up in London and meet each other through happenstance.

It truly is a wonderfully small world.     

An excerpt of Art of the Written World follows – for your chance to win an ebook copy, check out the fun and games at the Year End Splash event at The Romance Review

“You don’t use your own experiences for book ideas?”

“Um, yes.” A vein in her neck began to throb uncontrollably, making her hand drift upwards as if to hide the sudden affliction. “Some experiences can inspire a good story.”

She mentally began to create the story he would inspire, the opening of an erotic tale forming in her mind, with the hero closely resembling Garvey. She had no doubt the book would take a significant amount of time to write—even if it was a short story, each chapter would certainly leave her spent. Rather than it simply being a story from which she was somewhat removed, she would experience every word.

Just by looking at him, she could tell he possessed a level of energy that would leave her exhausted and satisfied. She was sure that he knew more than she did, a few tricks to show off his prowess in commanding a woman’s climax. 

“What are you thinking about?” he asked after a pause. “You look deep in thought.” 

Jolted from her daydream, the realisation that he might have been watching her for an extended period mortified Yvonne.

“Er, nothing.” The ridiculousness of the reply made her shake her head. “I mean, I was considering the similarities in our jobs. Both very creative.”  


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