Campaigning for the Vote

We all like to vote, don’t we? Putting down our mark to make our feelings and opinions known. Well, maybe not on the important things like political elections, but definitely stuff like television talent/reality shows.

The topic was brought to mind because voting at All Romance eBooks begins today for the Just One Bite competition they are running. Normally, I’m not a fan of competitions—they only lead to disappointment—but with this one was different. Entrants needed to submit a short story within the paranormal theme. Hang on—that’s what I already do!       

My story By the Fireside was picked as one of the final 32 stories to choose from. Even if I don’t go any further, simply getting that confirmation was a great boon. Besides that, it also gave me the chance to let my imagination run wild, taking a step away from the contemporary tales I usually write that can be taken from real life. It was a great way to showcase what I’m capable of alongside many other talented writers.

Why don’t you pop over to the All Romance site and see what’s on offer…you may even find something to like enough to vote on!


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