Horror Movie Bliss

I know, the title of the blog sounds like a real oxymoron, but bear with me—there is a method to my madness.

I can’t say that I’m a real movie buff, I can’t recall ever desperately rushing to the cinema to see the latest release. I’m perfectly happy to wait for the DVD release or even for films to be shown on television. However, I have recently been enjoying the ‘Fright Season’ presented by the not-too-shabby Film4.   

Even then, my first choices of genre are usually comedy or action. Officially, in fact, I don’t actually like horror movies, but all that has now gone out of the window as I’ve discovered what I’ve been missing out on.

I’m not sure why I avoided them, but I suspect it had something to do with watching Child’s Play a little too early in life. Anyway, I got over it and Bram Stoker’s Dracula has always been one of my favourite books so it is a bit weird.    

It started with a curiosity about a movie called Shutter, which is about a haunting apparition that appears in photographs. At first, I only kept half an eye on it while I did other things, but soon became enthralled. The imagination of the writer is fantastic.

I had exactly the same thought about Battle Royale, which is like Lord of the Flies on steroids. Loved it! So much better than the formulaic lost in the woods/trapped in a house scenario of other movies. These two films are linked by both having Asian writers, so these will be on my list in the future to find more enjoyable tales that freak me out.

I freely praise the imagination that I find in writers, but tend to ignore it in film-makers, which is ridiculous—not least because many movies are inspired by books. Consider all the strange ways that people were killed in the Final Destination franchise—only a beautiful mind could create such imaginative ways to die. While the latest release might not send me straight to the cinema, I’m more likely to obtain the DVD when it’s released. Right now, I’m eyeing up the Exorcist DVD that has been sitting on my shelf for years, forlorn and unloved in its original packaging.   

Next to tackle…science-fiction.


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