Heat of the Night

London’s degrees are increasing,

Is the season to blame?

No. Along with other issues,

It’s poverty, frustration and flame.


Sufficiently intense and powerful,

To spread far and wide.

Exposing all of the problems,

That others prefer to hide.


Rioters rampage like animals,

No one to hinder their spree.

But officers can’t push it,

Due to their violent history.


Property and life extinguished

Though the reason is unclear.

Where is the Big Society

Of which we always hear?


The result of many

Seeming unable to cope.

Languishing in darkness,

With no morals and no hope


An opportunity for many,

To vilify and find fault.

Bigots take centre stage,

After release from the vault.


MPs are on holiday,

They don’t need the interruption.

A well-deserved rest,

From the strain of corruption.


At last some leadership,

Oh, what a joy!

Being preached to on morals

By a Bullingdon Boy.


1 Comment

  1. Applause! Great commentary on the riots, good points well made.

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