Hot and Sweet

Despite some rain, London has been experiencing some relatively nice weather lately and I just love what the sun is capable of doing.  Forget what it does for the animals and plants of the natural world, I’m talking about what it does to people. When the world is brighter, people seem nice and life can appear much improved, even if only briefly. A little warm weather and it is like the city is a different place—it takes on a sultry, laidback vibe that put me in mind of my latest release with Total-E-Bound, which is set in this warm season. An excerpt follows…

The electric fan in the corner of her study served no benefit, only agitating the warm air and moving it around rather than cooling it. After a morning spent procrastinating, she needed to rejuvenate herself with a change of scenery.

She switched off the fan and gathered up a few materials before heading out into the garden. Sitting in the sun normally meant switching to relaxation mode. However, it couldn’t be much worse than doing nothing inside. 

Using the picnic table as a substitute desk, she settled down and returned to work. For a while, the change of venue proved effective, enabling her to complete the images for the main characters. However, all her momentum was lost when she went inside for a celebratory drink. A simple glass of water highlighted how hot she was, which made her decide that a brief period of lying back and doing nothing was necessary.

She sipped the ice-cold liquid as she moved to the sun lounger and managed to accidentally jog the glass so that water spilled down the crevice between her breasts. As she wiped at the damp spot, she reasoned that her clumsiness wouldn’t have been a problem had she been wearing her bikini. With that worthwhile idea, she abandoned her work altogether and changed into her swimsuit.

Returning to the garden, she took up a position on the lounger as if lying on a beach, sunglasses protecting her closed eyes. The heat from the sun’s rays was soon augmented by her memories. While she’d been in the same pose on the same lounger a few nights before, the sound of sex from next door had drifted to her ear.

Mmm, I do love the hot weather – it certainly brings out the best in people!

Two With A View available now at Total-E-Bound.


Heat of the Night

London’s degrees are increasing,

Is the season to blame?

No. Along with other issues,

It’s poverty, frustration and flame.


Sufficiently intense and powerful,

To spread far and wide.

Exposing all of the problems,

That others prefer to hide.


Rioters rampage like animals,

No one to hinder their spree.

But officers can’t push it,

Due to their violent history.


Property and life extinguished

Though the reason is unclear.

Where is the Big Society

Of which we always hear?


The result of many

Seeming unable to cope.

Languishing in darkness,

With no morals and no hope


An opportunity for many,

To vilify and find fault.

Bigots take centre stage,

After release from the vault.


MPs are on holiday,

They don’t need the interruption.

A well-deserved rest,

From the strain of corruption.


At last some leadership,

Oh, what a joy!

Being preached to on morals

By a Bullingdon Boy.

Pleasure of Denial

Denial is such an ugly word.

It has immediate negative connotations, making you think of items from which you’re banned, for whatever reason, and actions you’re not allowed to undertake. For example, eating cream cakes all day and pushing a car to its full speed on an open road, respectively. It is just not allowed.  

Denial can make you recall the people who have been the cause of rejection, whether they were in receipt or offering it. Either way, I can’t think of many occasions when such a thought would be a pleasurable one, unless you’re particularly sadistic and enjoy reminiscing about rejecting someone.

Denial can mean the curtailment of enjoyment or the claim of an untruth, neither of which creates any positivity.                              

However, denial doesn’t have to be all bad—as long as you look at it in the right way. By initially denying oneself something pleasurable, the anticipation for it heightens and can develop until it takes over and nothing else matters. The need for the subject can be allowed to develop until it becomes a yearning, intensifying so that it becomes a complete focus.

Whether a chocolate bar, a bowl of pasta or a sexual act, we all have our temptations that prove difficult to resist. But when you do—oh my!—how much sweeter is the reward? For me, holding back from the thing I want the most makes me more determined to get it eventually, and enjoying it to a greater extent when I do. Even better when someone else has control, leaving you wondering whether they will relent at all.  

A little denial—an enforced period of waiting—makes me more appreciative when I do get what I want. Increased gratification? Yes, please!

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