What’s Your View?

In many cases, people will have some sort of view from the area in which they work, unless that is a windowless room—which would probably be a good idea for me. The street on which I live is not even particularly busy, but is still massively interesting and a major distraction to me when I should be working. I am officially a member of the curtain-twitcher brigade.              

 Whether it is sights that make me angry—a woman who let her child roam freely and then smacked him when he almost got run over, errant teenagers trying car doors as they pass by and drunkards disturbing residents as they weave their way home. Or ones that make you smile—a passer-by picking up a bin that has fallen onto the pavement rather than walking around it, people picking up after their dogs and wildlife enjoying the gorgeous gardens.  

 I can be at the glass for longer than I like to admit watching the world go by. However, I’m not nearly as lucky as the characters in Two With A View, which will be released by Total-E-Bound shortly, who have views that are positively absorbing. Natalie and Cyrus live across the road from each other and have no qualms about taking advantage of the situation! A hot excerpt follows…

Natalie’s body crackled with a pressurised heat that prevented her from keeping still, building until she was forced to leave her post to satisfy it. She climbed up to kneel on the bed and splayed her legs wide to access her clit, forcing her clothes aside rather than wasting time disrobing.         

Her eyes closed and head tilted back, the craved contentment had just begun to take hold when the telephone interrupted her. She reached for the handset and wordlessly answered.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

“Absolutely.” Her reply was breathless, his heavy voice increasing her arousal. “Can you get rid of her and come over?”

“Of course I can.”

“Good. Watching you has turned me on. I told you she wanted you. She loved it. I could tell by—”

Interrupted by a sudden hissing sound, Natalie became distracted. “What’s that sound? Can you hear it?”

“I’m about to take a shower.”

“Ah, okay,” she whispered, recognising the sound of rushing water.

“Let me go so I can call a cab. Hopefully, it’ll be here by the time I finish.”

“See you soon,” she replied on a deep exhale.


Hanging up, she unfurled her legs from beneath her to lay flat. Thoughts of the imminent future curled her lips. Comfortably nestled against the pillow, her mind drifted to Cyrus in the shower. She hurriedly rose from the bed, then crossed to take another look at the woman he had left alone.

Make sure you stop by the Summer Sizzling Reads event at The Romance Reviews on 12 July for a chance to win a copy of short story Two With A View by answering a simple contest question. In the meantime, what’s your view like and does it distract you?


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