Different Strokes for Different Folks

Different strokes for different folks—Isn’t it a lovely phrase? Even if it can sound a little corny when uttered. It makes sense and it rhymes…and I do like my rhymes.

There are a great deal of phrases that bounce around in common parlance, many of which have unknown origins and even more that seem to make no sense whatsoever, but strokes for folks can be relied upon to make sense.   

I used it in response to a boaster who felt the need to regale me with tales of what his skills were capable of doing to a woman. Yes, I tend to attract the braggarts of the world, so I get treated to all manner of braggadocios stories. (All mouth and no trousers—another great phrase). He seemed to assume that I would be impressed, probably thought he could turn me on. Alas, neither was the case.

I wonder if there are more hermits around than I thought as there is no other explanation for people believing what works for one will work for all. If you live in the world, it stands to reason that you’d be aware that you are surrounded by different types of people who like different things.

Not just applicable to sex, I actually thought about the topic when considering two reviews—one great and one so-so. One person’s slush piler could make another person’s top ten favourite list, because—as in all aspects of life—people think differently.

I’m sure that for many it comes from selfishness, not recognising that other people’s opinions may differ from their own. For others, it’s more to do with ignorance, for example, believing that all women react in a certain way, or all French people have certain characteristics.

Individuality is fantastic, allowing us to learn, grow and blend, which many people would do well to remember. Assumptions only create asses.                                

I don’t even want to imagine how immensely boring the world would be if we were all the same.



  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I get bored when everyone’s the same. Variety makes a fun world. It also opens me to new experiences and people.

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