Win Twisted Angel at Night Owl Romance

I blogged over at Night Owl Romance on how nice it is to be naughty on the odd occasion – or three! – where I’ll also be giving away an ebook copy of Twisted Angel to one lucky commenter.    

An excerpt from the book follows…

“Who the hell are you?”

Only reading articles containing bad news, Bella got through seven pages within a few minutes, before she was rudely interrupted. 

“Charlie!” she trilled, smiling cheerfully and folding the newspaper. “I’m glad you’re awake. I’m getting bored of this newspaper, have you got any porn?”

Getting to his feet, displaying his impressive height in all its glory, he confirmed that simply falling asleep on the sofa was sufficient to leave him dishevelled.     

“What?” he demanded, his eyes blazing with restrained anger. “Did you hear what I said? Who are you and what the fuck are you doing in my house?”

“Ooh, lots of big talk from the big man.” Holding his gaze, she slowly crossed her legs. “Do I take it you’re trying to scare me?”

Withdrawing his PDA from his inside pocket, he gave it a puzzled look before tightly gripping it in his fist, taking a tentative step toward her. “Is this some sort of prank?”

Hiding her amusement, Bella curled her lip in a contemptuous sneer. “Silly rabbit—tricks are for kids.” Pursing her lips, Bella let her eyes trail up and down, slowly and deliberately drinking him in. “And you’re certainly no kid.”

A couple who have this type of exchange couldn’t possibly end up having sex, let alone in a relationship, can they? Of course they can! Not only is there a thin line between love and hate, but naughty can often be nice!

Stop by the blog for your chance to win.

Twisted Angel is available now at Total-E-Bound.


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