Twisted Angel – Review and Book of the Week nomination at WC Reviews!

It’s a lovely little image, isn’t it?

It’s always nice to get a great review and I’m particularly chuffed with this one as Peppermint at Whipped Cream understood exactly what I sought to achieve with Twisted Angel, a short story published with Total-E-Bound. “While Charles and Bella were both great characters Bella was really the stand out. She has the sass, wit and beauty I would expect from one of Satan’s little helpers. Bella is one of those people who always has a smart remark for everything. You know the kind that one minute you want to punch, but you can’t help but laugh at the next. She was thoroughly entertaining through this story and keep Charlie and me on our toes…” Read the rest of the review here.  

In addition to a review that left me pleased as punch, I was even happier to find that it had also been nominated for Book of the Week.

Hell can’t hold Bella – not when there is mischief to be done. Arriving on earth, she sets her sights on Charles with evil in mind, but he may prove to be more than a match for her.

Bella can’t help herself. As an angel from hell, she already knows that Charles will belong to her when he makes it there – it’s only polite that she give him a taste of what to expect.

Her desire to reveal her existence and ruin his perfectly evil bachelor life is too strong to resist. The road to hell may well be paved with good intentions, but she doesn’t count on finding out what paves the road back.
It cannot be called a traditional erotic romance by any stretch, but it is still one of my favourites and would be elated if it won. Whether you read and enjoyed it or you find the above blurb a tantalising one, I’d love you to stop over at Long and Short Reviews to vote for it!

Now, I’m off to celebrate my good review with a slice of cheesecake (any excuse!)


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