Valuable Vista – Part 3

Her muscles tensed as the sound she’d thought she heard before came more clearly—a knock at the door.
Pulling it open made the normally quiet creak seem loud, warning of what to expect. In fact, in the second before Gail set eyes on the unexpected visitor, she knew who it would be—she sensed him.
Being aware of what she would find failed to prevent her surprised reaction on seeing him, shocked silence joined by widened eyes. By contrast, he was serene, looking relaxed as if he’d known her for years.
The man she had only ever seen through the window was standing at her door, which sent her into a mild panic. Searching for words, her heart pounding audibly as she stared at him, Gail noticed the turquoise hue of his eyes when she’d thought they were only blue. “Hello, can I help you?” she finally asked gaspingly, exhaling deeply like she’d forgotten how to breathe.
Despite his familiarity, Gail opted for pretence and acting as if he was a stranger, concentrating on relaxing her face.
“Good evening,” he replied, remaining perfectly at ease. “I’m Simon.”
Simon. Gail’s cheeks twitched with a restrained smile, thrilled to finally know his name.
“Nice to meet you, Simon. I’m Gail.” Taking his proffered hand, the warmth seeming to envelop his entire body, she couldn’t hold back the expression of delight shining from her face.
“Gail, nice to officially meet you, Gail.” His emphasis would have gone unnoticed by someone paying less attention, but it was sufficient to make her aware that feigning innocence was futile.
Leaning against the door jam, Simon had become real, more than just a moving image she could enjoy from afar. Detecting the warm, woody scent of his aftershave, Gail inhaled deeply and felt her vulva clench. “Would you like to come in?”


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