Valuable Vista – part 2

She saw the colour of his eyes.

Through two panes of glass, her white sheer curtain, the darkness and the distance, she saw his eyes like he was standing in front of her.                 

The sensation was visceral enough to sap a little of her confidence, making her abandon her regular viewing point atop her bed, returning to the cover of the wall neighbouring the window of early days.  

From her secluded position, she could watch him surreptitiously, the nameless man who seemed content to live his life behind an uncovered window. The confidence of the dark-haired semi-stranger was evident as he had no qualms about conducting acts in front of the window. Even personal, intimate procedures were fair game, which was why he had no qualms about drying himself after a shower in full view of anyone who might be looking through the window. Namely, Gail.

As she watched him towel droplets of water from his skin, she knew she couldn’t blame him. With his view being the same alleyway that made up hers, he probably thought he was safe from being overlooked. He didn’t count on Gail and her window directly opposite.

Escaped drops flowed down his skin in uneven paths, leaving gleaming trails on surprisingly natural-looking tanned skin—she knew he hadn’t been away. 

So mesmerised by the sight, Gail barely noticed the towel was strategically placed, held at his crotch and draped over one leg to prevent her from seeing everything. Still able to see the slight curve of the muscle bulging in his thigh, she let her gaze drift up over his defined abdomen.

Holding her breath as she slowly continued to his face, knowing that even a partial glimpse of his expression would be satisfying. A warm sensation flowed through her like a waterfall, settling in a pool between her thighs. The sight that Gail was used to—looking down at his body in what he thought was a private moment—had been replaced. Instead, he was looking up, directly through the window.

For a moment, Gail was unsure that he could see her, though her heart began to pound in panic. Readying herself for a retreat, Gail froze on seeing his arm move, lifting his hand to tap the glass. Though she couldn’t hear the sound, she saw the motion. If she had been in any doubt, his wide smile, glinting white through the dim light, made it clear.


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