Valuable Vista – Part 3

Her muscles tensed as the sound she’d thought she heard before came more clearly—a knock at the door.
Pulling it open made the normally quiet creak seem loud, warning of what to expect. In fact, in the second before Gail set eyes on the unexpected visitor, she knew who it would be—she sensed him.
Being aware of what she would find failed to prevent her surprised reaction on seeing him, shocked silence joined by widened eyes. By contrast, he was serene, looking relaxed as if he’d known her for years.
The man she had only ever seen through the window was standing at her door, which sent her into a mild panic. Searching for words, her heart pounding audibly as she stared at him, Gail noticed the turquoise hue of his eyes when she’d thought they were only blue. “Hello, can I help you?” she finally asked gaspingly, exhaling deeply like she’d forgotten how to breathe.
Despite his familiarity, Gail opted for pretence and acting as if he was a stranger, concentrating on relaxing her face.
“Good evening,” he replied, remaining perfectly at ease. “I’m Simon.”
Simon. Gail’s cheeks twitched with a restrained smile, thrilled to finally know his name.
“Nice to meet you, Simon. I’m Gail.” Taking his proffered hand, the warmth seeming to envelop his entire body, she couldn’t hold back the expression of delight shining from her face.
“Gail, nice to officially meet you, Gail.” His emphasis would have gone unnoticed by someone paying less attention, but it was sufficient to make her aware that feigning innocence was futile.
Leaning against the door jam, Simon had become real, more than just a moving image she could enjoy from afar. Detecting the warm, woody scent of his aftershave, Gail inhaled deeply and felt her vulva clench. “Would you like to come in?”


Good and Evil at Coffee and Romance

I blogged over at Coffee and Romance all about the battle of good and evil.

Stop by, offer your opinion and read the blurb for my latest release, Twisted Angel.

Which writers have spearheaded modern erotica?

That’s the question I answered over at the Beth D. Carter’s blog.

Stop by and take a look at that answer, as well as the answers for other questions asked by Beth’s readers.

Thanks for having me Beth!

Twisted Angel release day – read an excerpt and comment to win!

Twisted Angel is released with Total-E-Bound today and, as with every release, I’m pleased as punch!

It’s a Lust Bite about a mischievous heroine, Bella, who falls for hero, Charles, in the course of her attempts to trick him in her own personal way.    

 I’m particularly proud of this story because I don’t often do paranormal, at least not to a great extent. ESP tends to be my limit. In addition, it isn’t a romance in the traditional sense as the characters are far from lovey-dovey.  

I also did a touch of agonising over the title, which I have never been good at choosing. It was very nearly called Hell’s Angel, but I was concerned about the connotations of a biker link. There was Demon Daughter, Satan’s Star. Yes, I do like alliteration.   

Anyway, I settled on Twisted Angel, which some may consider a bit of a misnomer, but why can’t she be an angel? Wasn’t Lucifer a resident of heaven before he fell from grace?

A perfect story for those who like being bad, or at least reading about them! An excerpt follows to tease. If you like what you read, leave a comment for your chance to win an e-book copy. The lucky winner will be announced on 21 April.  She could feel him.

Though not with him, she could feel the deep, even breaths that confirmed he slept. The sensation would normally bore her, but Bella got a sense of satisfaction from knowing that Charles was at rest. A rarely felt feeling of relaxation.

Sound slumber didn’t last, immediately raising her hackles as his anguish fuelled hers. She watched him twist beneath the sheets in silent dismay, his growing distress manifested by pain that hit her like a bolt and gripped her side to bend her double.  

Soaring through the darkness, her swift arrival came in conjunction with his yell, some unknown image making it burst from his mouth.

Looking down at him like a worried guardian, Bella could see him perfectly despite the darkness of his bedroom. The powerful effect his voice had on her failed to influence him in the same way, allowing him to remain asleep.

Soothing him with a shushing sound, she elongated the quiet note though it felt strange.

Usually, she would have been more inclined to observe his mind control his body, gaining amusement from his twitching form. Occasionally, she would go so far as to manipulate a good dream just to get her kicks. However, her normal taste for evil deeds failed to materialise as she watched Charles, his restless and sweating body partially exposed by sheets inadvertently dragged down.

The uncomfortable desire to make him feel better consumed her. What is wrong with me? she thought, biting her lip as she looked around the stylish bedroom, which felt stifling, the musky scent of fear making her nostrils flare. I should just go. 

Like him, the room was style over substance—rigidly fixed to a cold colour scheme of black, white and grey. Typical of him, the decor supported her idea to leave and let the nightmare run its course. 

With another movement, he broke her resolve, earning her attention by murmuring unintelligibly and turning from his back to his side.     

Returning to the bed that dominated the room, she looked down at him, beads of sweat glistening on his neck. 

The second night of being tormented by his subconscious, his powerful body weakened as he attempted to squirm away from what haunted him. Her normally effective powers of telepathy failed her, leaving her mind too clouded to read the thoughts filling his head, let alone manipulate them.

Tightly clenching her fists, she felt her perfectly manicured red-tipped nails leave imprints in the heels of her hands. Though she wanted to be the one to help him, the desire was unnatural and left her at a loss.

Charles inadvertently instructed her when he moaned and shifted position, kicking away the sheets until they were hitched low on his waist. He revealed a naked body sculpted with vanity and abused by excess, drawing Bella’s gaze to his developed chest that glistened temptingly. The sight of the dark, erect little buds of his nipples was alluring enough to send a tremor up her spine. 

Valuable Vista – part 2

She saw the colour of his eyes.

Through two panes of glass, her white sheer curtain, the darkness and the distance, she saw his eyes like he was standing in front of her.                 

The sensation was visceral enough to sap a little of her confidence, making her abandon her regular viewing point atop her bed, returning to the cover of the wall neighbouring the window of early days.  

From her secluded position, she could watch him surreptitiously, the nameless man who seemed content to live his life behind an uncovered window. The confidence of the dark-haired semi-stranger was evident as he had no qualms about conducting acts in front of the window. Even personal, intimate procedures were fair game, which was why he had no qualms about drying himself after a shower in full view of anyone who might be looking through the window. Namely, Gail.

As she watched him towel droplets of water from his skin, she knew she couldn’t blame him. With his view being the same alleyway that made up hers, he probably thought he was safe from being overlooked. He didn’t count on Gail and her window directly opposite.

Escaped drops flowed down his skin in uneven paths, leaving gleaming trails on surprisingly natural-looking tanned skin—she knew he hadn’t been away. 

So mesmerised by the sight, Gail barely noticed the towel was strategically placed, held at his crotch and draped over one leg to prevent her from seeing everything. Still able to see the slight curve of the muscle bulging in his thigh, she let her gaze drift up over his defined abdomen.

Holding her breath as she slowly continued to his face, knowing that even a partial glimpse of his expression would be satisfying. A warm sensation flowed through her like a waterfall, settling in a pool between her thighs. The sight that Gail was used to—looking down at his body in what he thought was a private moment—had been replaced. Instead, he was looking up, directly through the window.

For a moment, Gail was unsure that he could see her, though her heart began to pound in panic. Readying herself for a retreat, Gail froze on seeing his arm move, lifting his hand to tap the glass. Though she couldn’t hear the sound, she saw the motion. If she had been in any doubt, his wide smile, glinting white through the dim light, made it clear.

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