The Trouble with Technology

Ah, technology.

Love it or hate it, it can prove difficult to get away from. Whether it’s the latest new fangled washing machine or an automatic telephone operator, some form of technology can play a part in the everyday dealings for many of us. Much of the time, those clever techno-boffins design items that make our lives easier, other times, components seem only for show as they are mostly unnecessary.

There are as many opinions as there are items containing electronic components.

In my world, the laptop and mobile have been two of the most inventions, though I remember the time before I owned or needed either of them. Now, I couldn’t do without them. I mostly enjoy the benefits technology can offer, that is, until it goes wrong. When the proverbial does hit the fan, it is often a generous quantity and an industrial sized fan.

I suffered such a problem when my laptop recently decided that it needed a break. While I can’t be described as a luddite, I’m no computer whizz either and was at a loss in trying to figure out how to fix it. Internet failure, reinstall Windows, the dreaded blue screen shut down—all leading to a nightmarish drama that prevented me from working as I wanted to. In all, the debacle only lasted about two weeks, but it felt like so much longer. It is like I have been ensconced in a darkened room for many weeks with no access to the outside world, despite the fact that my television and radio were working just fine and I was free to leave at any time.

You really do realise how much you rely on something when it is no longer there and this isn’t diminished by considering the negatives. I sure the advent of technology has contributed to the decline of legible handwriting (I’m one of the first in that queue) and the rise of text-speak (ridiculous), but I still wouldn’t have it any other way. Longhand? Pah! Snail-mail? No, thanks.

During the sudden hindrance, all I could think about was what I was missing. It is always easier if you can avoid the technology that is annoying or unnecessary, especially those that are foisted on you, a la Oyster cards in London, but even then, a small price to pay.       

Anyway, I am now, thankfully, back online with a working laptop and am sold on the technological revolution. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

Long live the laptop!


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