Lean and Mean released! That calls for a contest…

For most writers, release day is always exciting and I am no different. Not least because the hero, Isaiah is one of my favourite characters-he has all the right qualities.

Lean and Mean is released with Total-E-Bound today. I have used touches of humour in this contemporary novella to tell the tale of Remy and how she reacts when Isaiah challenges her exercise regime.

Leave a comment before 5 March 2011 for chance to win a free ebook copy.  

An excerpt follows:

Somehow, the walk seemed shorter than it normally did to Remy, who felt a touch crestfallen as they approached her front door. The idea of the couple parting ways was enough to make her think of a way to prolong their conversation, of ensuring she didn’t make the same mistake as before.
“Now your shirt is soaking,” she commented, looking at him as she retrieved her keys.
“It’s only water,” he smiled. “Are you worried about me?”
Reluctantly, she let him go to unlock the door, smiling shyly instead of answering his teasing question.
“You should come inside to get dry and have a hot drink, or at least get an umbrella.”
After a moment of silence, he nodded his agreement and thanked her as she unlocked the door and led the way inside.
“Make yourself at home, I’ll go and get you a towel.”
After switching on the light to the living room and directing him into the room as she took off her coat, she hurried up the stairs. His presence in her home made her heart beat faster and she was in a hurry to get away in case he noticed a change to her demeanour. Being upstairs would give her the opportunity to compose herself before she returned, which allowed her to take a deep breath as she rushed to the cupboard.
Back at the top of the staircase, towel in hand, Remy found that Isaiah had already taken off his shoes and coat. Rather than go into the living room, he remained in the hallway, watching her as she descended the stairs.
She did so carefully, fearful of tripping, which only made her wonder if it would be such a bad thing. The image of her slipping on the stairs led to one of her being caught by him, held in his strong arms before he kissed her.
“Here you go.”
Remaining on the first step, she was still unable to match the height of the man who stood facing her, failing to take the towel that she offered. Simply looking at him undid all the good work she had done. Her breath came quicker as she tried to cope with the heat that flooded her body.
Close enough to see the droplets of water that clung to his hair and ran down his face and neck, she decided against reiterating the offer. Instead, she lifted it to towel him dry off herself. Using a corner of the soft material, she wiped it over his face and neck, forcing him to briefly close his eyes. The moment she moved down to his neck, he reopened his eyes, watching her as she performed the actions to which he acquiesced.
She studied every inch of his smooth brown skin as she passed the towel over it, bringing it as low as his open collar would allow. Though her head told her to follow this by drying his hair, her heart wanted her to continue on the route that it had started on. Her hand remained at his neck as she debated whether to make a move to feel if his chest was as solid as she thought.



  1. This book has piqued my interest. It looks like a good read.

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I have to say, I like the layout. 🙂


  2. Oh this book sound good. got to add it to my wish list. Do you have the day in March it will be out? Love to keep an eye out for it.


    • Glad you stopped by, Terra. Lean and Mean is actually out today at Total-E-Bound – glad its caught your eye!

  3. I’ll play – this sounds delicious :).

  4. Oh dear! Failure of my internet access means I have been late in announcing a winner – I can only apologise. However, I shall try and make it up by creating 3 winners! You lovely ladies can all expect an email from me shortly (hopefully!)

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