Pursuit of the Body Beautiful

A simple phrase that can mean so much.  

I wonder how many read the title and immediately thought ‘cosmetic surgery’. I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed as I’m an old fashioned gal. For me, that particular meaning of pursuing the body beautiful comes by way of exercise.

I’m a firm believer in putting in a little hard work to achieve the body beautiful, rather than with any chemical or surgical assistance. Anyway, why go straight to that particular place when the meaning of the body beautiful has yet to be settled?

The media have made their opinion on beauty clear, but the rest of us have a whole range of different ideas as to what is considered beautiful. The varied range of traits that we find attractive demonstrate that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

For me, what the body looks like is only half of the story, as it is also whether it can cope with everything you ask of it. I suspect that’s why I’m impressed by the likes of those that push their bodies to the limits, like break-dancers and athletes.  

Pursuing the best in ourselves as well as in others is only natural, even if we have different ways of getting there. This is the premise for my latest novella, Lean and Mean, which is released with Total-E-Bound next week. Hero and heroine, Isaiah and Remy, pursue the body beautiful in their own ways before pursuing each other and making up a few new ways to exercise!

The route to the body beautiful doesn’t have to be all that serious, it is quite possible to have some fun along the way, which the couple demonstrate in their battle of the workout tines.

Stop by on Monday 28 February to read an excerpt and for your chance to win a copy of novella, Lean and Mean. Better still, make sure you subscribe to get an automatic reminder.

Falling over in the snow is an embarrassment Remy doesn’t need—however, the help of a cheeky stranger is all that is required to make her feel better.

Remy can’t help rising to the bait when Isaiah criticises her keep-fit method, leading to a battle of wills and fitness regimes. Despite his unerring confidence and powerful body, she still believes she can give him a run for his money. She may emerge relatively unscathed, if not hot and sweaty. Is it possible for them both to come out on top in the hard fought battle, or will she get more than she bargained for?


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