An Erotic Poetic Interlude: Submission


I simply adore you,

You don’t know how much.

All it takes to please me,

Is one little touch.


From your lips your fingers,

Or your body on mine.

I just need to feel you,

All of the time.


I completely submit

When you need to do more.

I’ll remain on my hands and my knees

On the floor.


Waiting to find out

What you might do.

The crack of the leather strap

Gives me a clue.


You parade it in front of me

To see if I’m scared.

But you wouldn’t do it

If you never cared.


I relish every stroke

As it stings my skin.

Punishment I deserve

For some unknown sin.


Delicious heat flows through me,

I need you inside.

But for now you just concentrate

On tanning my hide.


I know that you love me,

And I deserve what I get.

You know that no other

Can make me so wet.


I know that you want me,

I have always known.

You wouldn’t want another,

While its me that you own.


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