Welcome Rachel Randall…introducing Taking It Off

A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you — Françoise Sagan

I know you’ve seen them too.

All that wasted potential, just…sitting there. Masculinity in stasis. The stultified disconnect in their eyes tinged with a real hint of terror that they might be asked for an opinion. Hope spurring them out of their slouches every time the door swings open, disappointment bringing them low again when she’s not finished, just heading for the bigger mirror.

That’s right. I’m talking about the BBSs of the world. There’s something just, well, desperately sad about these Boyfriends Brought Shopping. To see them in that twilight-zone outside the fitting rooms you’d think they were at the dentist’s office rather than two feet from a lot of half-dressed ladies.

But why be bored when you could be finding the perfect fit?

Imagine you’re there shopping with someone you want. The heat of his eyes on you makes you feel naked before you’ve even stripped off your coat and fumbled with the hanger. You shut the door on him, still feeling that heat, playing coy and confident because he’s right where you want him and he’s not going anywhere. You play the tease, because you can, as you kick off your shoes and shimmy down your jeans. He’s watching, and you’re going to put on a show.

Taking It Off, my latest erotic romance from Total-E-Bound, plays hard with this premise. I’ve dressed characters Lucy and Valentine up in lust, flirtation, and fun before stripping them right down again so they can’t deny how much they need to get naked with each other, now.

From Taking It Off:
The Herve Leger bandage dress was gloriously short, gloriously form-fitting. Lucy gave him a slow spin, her eyes heavy-lidded and unreadable as she posed for him. Her arse was a gorgeous inverted heart and the dress hugged what it could, cradling her curves and tugging them into prominence. The one-shoulder neckline brought the elegant slope of her throat, the musculature of her exposed shoulder into sharp relief. And when she completed the turn, facing him with breasts and thighs and waist painted in tight gradations of peach-orange-white, he really was done for.

“Oh,” he said, because it was either that or bloody well moan out loud.

“You approve?”

He let out that moan after all. “Christ, you’re a tease.”

Taking It Off by Rachel Randall

Valentine knows when he’s found the right fit — whether it’s matching an executive to a job or finding a lover for himself — but he’s never had a first impression quite like Lucy before.

Commandeered by the intriguing stranger at a luxury London department store, Valentine’s more than happy to provide the masculine opinion Lucy demands. After all, watching her model fabulous cocktail dresses, saucy shoes and mouth-watering lingerie is his pleasure.

He soon realises that he wants more than just one seductive afternoon with the luscious Lucy. Getting under those new clothes will be a challenge since she’s gone back to New York, but he’s not the only one being driven mad by the heat of their long-distance flirtation. Now Valentine just needs to convince his little tease that the best part of trying things on is taking them off again.

Taking It Off is available to buy now. You can find excerpts, music mixes, free stories, graphic art, and more at rachelrandall.wordpress.com

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’m giving away a PDF of Taking It Off to one lucky blog reader. Just leave a comment on this post by Tuesday midnight for a chance to win!

(Thanks for having me, Shermaine!)



  1. Thanks for having me, Shermaine, and happy Valentine’s Day to all 🙂

  2. […] my thoughts behind the sexy voices I chose to represent the story. And you can also catch me at Shermaine William’s blog, talking about my inspiration for the premise and sharing an excerpt — PLUS, comment on the […]

  3. HI, Rachel,

    I couldn’t help coming by after reading your description of the book: “Shopping as foreplay”. Brilliant!

    Good luck with the release – it sounds luscious.

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