Life Imitating Art

I’m sure that many people believe that writers of erotic romance draw on their own experiences when writing their erotic scenes. A case of art imitating life. They’re not entirely wrong—many do, but that doesn’t mean it is always true.

The imagination is a wonderful thing. Without it, there would be a whole array of television programmes, movies, plays and books that we would never have been able to enjoy. This is equally the case when it comes to erotica. Creating an imaginary world is par for the course for fiction writers, allowing to bring to life all the goings-on in our minds.

Of course, there are times when a story is purely imaginary, seeming to stem from nowhere. (For me, this is often when doing the most mundane things, like washing dishes and supermarket shopping.) But other times, we just can’t help but using our own fantasies for inspiration.

The question of genres made me think of this topic because I write in several of them, but then considered whether that arises simply becuase I have a vivid imagination or whether I am also using a few fantasies. 

For my part, the two seemed to have combined in many cases. I suspect it is a situation that is mostly unique to writers of romance fiction in its many forms. For example, I have just finished reading Blaze by Stephen King as Richard Bachman. While it is an engaging tale about a career-criminal who finds his soft side after kidnapping a baby for ransom, I can’t imagine that anyone in possession of all their faculties would fantasise about such a thing.

Writers will offer a number of reasons for why they enjoy the process—making up the plot, creating the characters, the satisfaction of getting a story accepted or even release day. However, getting a fantasy down on paper can also be one of the more pleasurable aspects.

After the gratification of putting a fantasy into words, tweaking and embellishing to make it perfect, the first thing you want to do is try it. What else would you do? I wonder whether it is just me or whether other writers have the same reaction. Creating a world that seems authentic makes me curious to see how an experience from that world stands up to reality.

There are so many experiences that I have enjoyed, which I’m not sure I would have if it wasn’t for my writing. Just another reason why I love erotic romance! Besides that, my adventures have also served to fuel more of my fantasies. And so it continues…


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