Why I Love Limericks

What’s not to love? Maybe I’m just a child at heart, but sometimes a little cheekiness is positively necessary. I used to make up lots poetry when I was younger, even changing the lyrics of songs and it was just silly fun.

Life has a habit of throwing up all sorts of events and problems that can bring you down, simply watching the news can be enough to cause despair, so being able to raise a smile is always beneficial. This is why I have a certain amount of envy for comedians (not for the nerves that many of them must suffer), as being able to make someone laugh must be so satisfying.  

Using a touch of facetiousness within the confines of a ditty allows me to enhance the personality traits of the subject, or impose ones they don’t have at all! Only in the name of poetic licence, you understand.  

The subjects of my limericks are usually my (long-suffering) family and friends, but I’ll reveal no more than that to prevent their embarrassment. A few examples follow and, don’t worry, there isn’t a man from Nantucket in sight.      

There was once was a young lady named Clare

Who never could turn down a dare

With the test barely posed

She ripped off her clothes

And ran off yelling, “I’d rather go bare.”


There was a young lady named Sam

And she always liked a good slam

With a black man or white

In the day or at night

She just couldn’t give a damn


There once was a young man named Neil

Who would smoke and swear and steal

When he was asked why

He was such a bad guy

He said: “Cos it gives me sex appeal.”


There once was a young man named Martin

Who found his good manners departing

When he went out one night

Some guy started a fight

Which made him yell, “Oi, are you startin’?”


There was a young lady, Vanessa

Who was gorgeous and kind, a great dresser

But please don’t be fooled

Though her demeanour is cool

That doesn’t mean you can test her!


But it isn’t fair, I hear you cry, you get to take the rise out of others and don’t get any of your own treatment. Okay, how about…

 There was a young lady, Shermaine

Who had quite good cause to complain

With a bottom as round

As a new English pound

Nobody took note of her brain

(I know what you’re thinking and, yes, ‘lady’ in this instance is used in the very loosest sense!)

Feel free to share your own favourite limericks or leave a comment with your name and challenge me – I’ll see if I can make up a few more.


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