Passion P-A-S-S-I-O-N Passion

“Can you use it in a sentence?”

 Pretend you’re a judge in a (very easy, admittedly) spelling contest – what sentence would you use? 

A recent conversation with a friend concluded with us both acknowledging that we were more passionate than romantic (can you tell what we were talking about in the first place?!) Neither of us saw hearts, flowers and wild declarations of love necessary for the physical act to take place.

However, our conversation was limited to sex and the reasoning for how a man and a woman can come to the same conclusion. The picture looks very different when the meaning of passion is looked at as a whole. Besides intense sexual love, the word can also mean great enthusiasm, which got my mind working.

I see many examples of people demonstrating great enthusiasm (probably because I watch too much TV), that far exceeds anything I would do. I remember a shot of a young girl in an Elvis video (the one where he wears a white jump suit) who is crying real tears as the man himself does his thing. Really? I used to love Neneh Cherry when I was younger to the point where I wanted to be her, but I don’t think I would act hysterically had I met her. Old footage of Beatles fans amazes me, as does the hysterical reaction of the wannabe models when Tyra Banks first reveals herself (told you—too much TV!)

I once met Josh Hartnett and I reacted as I would with anyone else I just met. Despite the crowd whooping like I’ve never seen at a play before and the massive crowd of people clamouring for him outside the theatre doors, I found him to be—taa daa!—a normal guy. If I’m going to get hysterical over a guy that appears normal, he better have special powers. 

It must be lovely to have such a strong interest in someone or something, but, in many cases, it seems to take so much effort for so little reward. For example, I can’t imagine standing out in the cold wind and rain just to catch a glimpse of a celebrity.

I suspect it stems from the fact that I’m inherently lazy and prefer to save my enthusiasm for matters that don’t take me out my way. Or maybe I’m selfish and only get passionate about things that I get pleasure from, like writing, sex and food (not necessarily in that order).                    

I’m possibly just low-key and prefer to save my passion for some things and not others, or perhaps I am yet to get the right motivation for the wild, passionate enthusiasm that simmers somewhere deep. An experiment is needed—has anyone got Denzel’s number? Ving Rhames? Tyrese? No? Damn, I guess we’ll never know.



  1. great post! I like this, some food for thought here 🙂

  2. I’ve never met any celebrities, mostly because I wouldn’t go out of my way to do so. I feel passion for my husband (which has only intensified through the years), and for our 4 kids. I feel passion for my writing, which I truly love to do. I feel passion for teaching, but can’t get a job doing it, so I hang on the periphery and sub. And I feel passion for my friends, though loyalty and empathy might be better words to describe that. And for me, it would take Keanu Reeves’ number…in my fantasies I’m not married! ;-D

    • That’s lovely Fiona – passion for people and subjects that matter. I wouldn’t say no to Mr Depp, myself. In Chocolat…double yum!

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