What’s in a Voice? Comment and win an ebook

If you had never seen him, what image do you think you would conjour of David Beckham simply from hearing his voice? What about Mike Tyson? Do you think you could predict the power their bodies hold?

What about if you only ever heard the speaking voices of Macy Gray and Fantasia Barrino? Do you think they would be able to produce such beautiful singing voices?

The voice can be as deceptive as it is powerful , which is a concept that inspired my latest Lust Bite, Remote Control. The short story is published today by those lovely folk at Total-e-bound.

Remote Control is the tale of ‘Scarlet’, a telephone sex chat line worker who can remain clear headed in the haze of fantasy she provides, except when it comes to one man, Joseph. When it comes to him, she becomes powerless. An excerpt follows…

Normally, one or two of her tricks would be sufficient to make a man come, a satisfying grunt before he hung up or told her how good she was, but his stamina withheld. Forced to use all her best material, Scarlet went from blowjob to cowgirl to doggy style as she tried to bring him to climax. Even with listening to his television in an attempt to figure out the programme, she could still make every description a detailed one.                          

Finally, the pace of the familiar sound of him tugging on his cock increased, his rasping breaths becoming louder. She sighed with relief as his orgasm finally arrived, a groan being heard before his gratitude. By the time she hung up, she found that nearly forty-five minutes had passed. There was no way for her to know whether she had missed any calls. Nervously tapping at the casing, she hoped it was a night in which he would call late.

Distracted when the phone rang again, she put her thoughts aside to let Scarlet take over. A pause came after her normal seductive greeting, making her think her last caller had come back for more.

“Good evening, Scarlet.”

The sound of his deep voice never failed to melt her, she loved to hear him speak almost as much as what he said.

“Hello, Joseph.” 

All attempts to maintain the manufactured breathy voice instantly failed. A smile of pleasure and relief lit her face, her temperature rising as her body brimmed with pure lust and desire. 

Remote Control is available now at Total-e-bound. However, for your chance to win an ebook copy, you need only leave a comment on this post.



  1. This sounds very sexy, Shermaine! And I love the intro about voices. You’re so right. The right voice can do things to you they might not if you saw the person’s face. Take Snape from Harry Potter (too lazy to look up his real name). I don’t find him attractive, but that voice!


    • Thanks, Bianca. I agree, although I never got into Harry Potter, I do like a nice deep voice!

  2. I’ve often noticed that voices don’t match faces. Let me hear a deep, sexy voice and I’m done for. Let there by an Irish accent attached to it and forget it, I’ve melted into the floor. Remote Control sounds good.

  3. bummer no want it i would love to read it betwen school and blogging ty for letting us enter for it

    • Oh dear, I think I get what you’re saying, Desi. Trying to find time for reading is getting increasingly difficult with life getting in the way!

  4. I love the premise behind this story! There’s nothing that turns me off more than a hot guy who opens his mouth and has a disappointingly wimpy voice. Yuck! Vin Diesel could get me to do just about anything he wanted. 😉

    • Thanks, Nichelle. You are a lady after my own heart (or should that be my loins?!) Love Ving Rhames too – he could whisper sweet nothings whenever he wanted!

  5. I have to agree with you, just hearing a voice can lead you to imagine all kinds of looks but voices can be deceiving. I’ve heard deep voices and the person is a little funny man, I’ve heard sexy voices and though OMG but when I’ve met the person it’s all I can do not to laugh and think they’ve got to be kidding. Oh well I still have my imagination and fantasies. Of course you can’t judge a person by their looks and you can’t judge a voice till you meet the person. Have a great day and thanks for the contest your book sounds like a good one.

    • Thanks, Belinda. You are so right – its really easy to form an impression simply by hearing a voice, only to be derailed later on!

    • Thanks, Belinda. You’re so right, its really easy to form an impression from a voice that is completely derailed when the whole is discovered! Fortunately, Paula, the heroine in Remote Control, doesn’t have that problem!

  6. And the winner is… *Opens golden envelope* …Sheila!

    Well done, a copy of Remote Control will be winging its way to you shortly.

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